Determine the unique security protocols of your own cloud service.

The beauty of cloud security is its customization. Who gets access, how items are stored, when they are backed up — FyreSpace gives you full input on all these considerations. You have the ability to completely devise and administer your system privileges to create a cloud platform that is perfectly configured for your own company and its individual preferences.

Shared Security Model

FyreSpace cloud service utilizes a shared security model where AWS, or your chosen cloud provider, sets your security controls according to your wishes. You will then secure the operating system and all the applications connected to the cloud platform. 


This shared security model might feel like an intimidating change-up from previous models of security and data storage. FyreSpace is here to guide you through the transition with expertise and assurance. We will answer all questions until you’re fully fluent with all the protocols of your cloud security.

Compliance in the Cloud

We make sure your business passes all compliance audits and will assist in defining the policies and standards you choose for your cloud service. We will help deploy your security control plane, and set up each precise security default throughout your cloud environment.

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